Oscar Neo DA-1200 Ultem Tough
Oscar Neo DA-1200 Ultem Tough

Oscar DA-1200 “Ultem Tough”

  • Suitability for softfruits
    Softfruits ratingSoftfruits ratingSoftfruits ratingSoftfruits ratingSoftfruits rating
    Soft fruits / Berry fruits
  • Ease of cleaning
    cleaning ratingcleaning ratingcleaning ratingcleaning ratingcleaning rating
    Ease of cleaning
  • Suitability for root vegetables
    Root vegetables ratingRoot vegetables ratingRoot vegetables ratingRoot vegetables ratingRoot vegetables rating
    Hard fruits / Root vegetables
  • Juice yield
    Juice yield ratingJuice yield ratingJuice yield ratingJuice yield ratingJuice yield rating
    Juice yield
  • Suitability for leafy vegetables
    Leafy vegetables ratingLeafy vegetables ratingLeafy vegetables ratingLeafy vegetables ratingLeafy vegetables rating
    Leafy vegetables / Herbs / Leaves

Product Description

Is there anything that the Oscar juicer cannot juice? This is a super tough juicer that extracts the vitamins and minerals from previously difficult-to-juice raw materials, such as grasses and pine needles. This amazing device is the next generation of juicer, enabling the user to create more adventurous recipes than ever before. And this device is not just useful for juice either; it can pulverise seeds to make tasty and nutritious bread dough, churn up cashews into a nice nut butter, and extract the goodness from tough, fibrous roots when you are making soups.
The advantages of cold extraction

The Oscar DA-1200 works so as to get the most vitamins and minerals from the produce that it juices. It works by the principle of cold press extraction, which is supported throughout health and diet circles worldwide as the best way to generate maximum nutritional value from your juice. This is aided by the slow auger speed of this juicer; it operates at just 63-75 rpm. The auger also works by a methodical three step crushing system which is particularly efficient for squeezing the maximum amount of nutrients out into your juice. Working by a sturdy crushing and squeezing mechanism and taking its time to press all of the nutrition from fruits, vegetables, grasses, and more, this is the ideal device for creating healthy and healing juice. This optimally designed cold pressing system ensures that the nutrients in your juice stay alive and active for up to 48 hours after it has been pressed.
Careful choice of materials makes Oscar Juicer one of the most robust juicers on the market

The parts of this juicer that undergo the most stress and pressure (the mincing screens, pressure adjustment nozzle and auger) are made from GE Ultem, and this material is in many ways the secret to its success. GE Ultem is 8 times stronger than the previous materials that were used for these juicer models, ensuring that the Oscar can crush and grind even tough nuts and stubborn grasses to extract their goodness. The silicone seal that surrounds the juicing cone helps to keep the juice pure and perfectly clear of pulp. As well as the materials from which it is made, the design of the Oscar DA-1200 ensures that it is optimally efficient. In particular, the motor and gearbox are combined, which ensures that the 150W motor is used in the most efficient way possible.
Compact and quiet: the ideal juicer for your home

As well as maximising the efficiency of the juicer, the combined motor and gearbox mechanism ensures that both vibrations and noise are kept to a minimum. This is a juicing device that whirrs away quietly but powerfully in the corner of your kitchen. You will hardly notice that it is there, but you certainly will notice the enhanced taste and nutritional value of your juice. This is also quite compact juicer, and so it will be an unobtrusive but absolutely essential appliance in any home. Very versatile, it can make ice cream as well! So why have a food processor, ice cream maker and juicer all cluttering up your kitchen when you can do all kinds of jobs in one with the one device?
Huge yield!

Finally, the yield of Oscar DA-1200 juicer is just incredible. It can squeeze out up to 5% more juice than the already super efficient Oscar DA-900. You can see this instantly from the very dry pulp that you get from the Oscar DA-1000 juicer: all of the potential juice is crushed, pressed, and squeezed out of the produce that you put into this device. This makes this juicer a great investment, as you get greater quantities of soup, juice, sauce, or whatever it is you are making per hour than you do with other juicers. The continuous juicing mechanism also contributes to this efficiency and means that you do not need to wait long to whip up a huge jug of delicious smoothie.

Revolutionise the way that you cook and juice with the Oscar. Cutting edge technology melds with a love of all things culinary in the design of this fantastic new juicing device. Whip up more juice more efficiently, experiment with new soups and nut butters, and create the perfect seasonings from dry ingredients like ginger and garlic roots and cinnamon sticks with the precision grinding mechanisms. This device will help you to make the most of the nutritional content of your food, and is an essential device for any lover of healthy living to have in their home.
Scope of supply and services:

Oscar DA-1200 Juicer with CEE 7/7 plug
Juicing screen
Blank screen (grounding attachment)
pressure regulator with cap
Juicing screen housing with funnel
6 attachements for pasta / noodles
user manual (english/german version available)
20 years warranty on motor / 10 years warranty on juicer parts
+1 year Juicerway Extended Warranty on motor
JUICERWAY ACADEMY Lifelong Membership


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