Greenis Slow Juicer silver

✓ Easy Cleaning
✓ Easy Assembling
✓ 10/2 Years Warranty

  • Suitability for softfruits
    Softfruits ratingSoftfruits ratingSoftfruits ratingSoftfruits ratingSoftfruits rating
    Soft fruits / Berry fruits
  • Ease of cleaning
    cleaning ratingcleaning ratingcleaning ratingcleaning ratingcleaning rating
    Ease of cleaning
  • Suitability for root vegetables
    Root vegetables ratingRoot vegetables ratingRoot vegetables ratingRoot vegetables ratingRoot vegetables rating
    Hard fruits / Root vegetables
  • Juice yield
    Juice yield ratingJuice yield ratingJuice yield ratingJuice yield ratingJuice yield rating
    Juice yield
  • Suitability for leafy vegetables
    Leafy vegetables ratingLeafy vegetables ratingLeafy vegetables ratingLeafy vegetables ratingLeafy vegetables rating
    Leafy vegetables / Herbs / Leaves

Product Description

Enjoy the best of what nature has got to offer

Greenis Slow Juicer produces vibrant and rich in vital nutrients juices. The low-speed system with two-stage juicing guarantees a gentle pressing of raw materials and retains the essential nutrients in your juice.

Let your taste buds explore

Greenis Slow Juicer can help you create delicious juices, sorbets, ice cream, baby food, nut butter, pestos, spreads and much more. Everything is fast and easy and without unnecessary colourings and preservatives. The whole family will love the wide selection of dishes from Greenis juicer. Greenis comes with a fine and a coarse strainer depending on how much fruit bits you like in your juice. In addition there is a blank sieve which can be used for pureeing and grinding. The Juicer also comes with tofu kit which even allows you to produce your own homemade tofu.

Spend more time with your loved ones

Greenis Slow Juicer combines the advantages of a fast juicer with those of a low-speed juicer. At first glance Greenis operates by its vertical and space-saving design and the large filler neck like a centrifugal juicer but inside there is a gentle juicer with low engine rotations and powerful motor. The juicer comes with a large feeding tube that saves you time from preparing the fruit as well as with automatic filling which requires virtually no power from you.

Finally you can enjoy your juicing

No need to stress about a complicated assembly and cleaning. Thanks to only a few parts the juicer is ready to use in no time. The prewash function makes the cleaning easy – simply pour clean water into the equipment after juicing and let the juicer run for a few seconds. This allows you to make various juices consecutively one after another without mixing flavours and then do the final cleaning at the end of the day.

Safe and stress-free juicing

Greenis Slow Juicer is made of the newest and highest quality materials, naturally BPA-free. The extremely resistant juice channel and strainer, made from Ultem material, provide important basis for many years of trouble and frustration-free operation of your juicer. The juice and pulp containers are made of Tritan.

Your order will contain the following items

  • Greenis Slow Juicer
  • Fine and coarse sieve
  • Blank sieve
  • Tofu-Kit
  • Pusher
  • Juice container
  • Pulp container
  • Cleaning brush


Greenis Slow Juicer comes with 10 years warranty on the motor and 2 years warranty on the rest of the parts. Juicerway has all the spare parts and also carries out the service by (German and Austrian service address).

Additional Information

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 25 x 16 x 39 cm

red, black, brown, silver

Juicing process

Single Auger


65 rpm


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