20 Detox Foods To Keep Your Body and Mind Toxin-Free


The body and the mind share a real connection- the way our body feels plays a great role in functioning of the brain. Your experience of a state of well-being depends on the state of mind as well as the body. It is very essential to keep the body free from any kind of toxins, and radicals, or other nasty things.

Here is the list of detox foods which lead to the road to purification going through the intestines and the liver. These leave the body with long lasting effects. Detoxification involves a lost rest and not just cleansing the body but nourishing it well from the inside-out. Detoxification helps to remove the toxins that might cause long term diseases. The body gets free from all the impurities which lets the mind feel pure and at peace.

Artichokes belong to great detox foods1. Artichokes: to purify your liver.

Artichokes enable the liver to function properly. This in turn helps the body to purge itself out of the dangerous toxins. It increases the production of bile in the liver. This bile helps in breaking down of foods composites to enable the body to extract the nutrients.

Apples2. Apples: for essential fibres, vitamins as well as minerals.

Apples consist of several phytochemicals like D-Glucarate and the flavonoids as well as the terpenoids. Apples are a great source of highly soluble fibres called the pectin, which eliminate various unnecessary metals and harmful food additives from the body.

Almonds3. Almonds: for Vitamin E.

Consumption of an ounce of almonds contains around 7mg of vitamin E. They are also high source of fibers, proteins, calcium as well as magnesium. Almond helps in stabilizing the levels of blood sugar along with removal of impurities through the bowels.

Asparagus4. Asparagus: to fight the aging battle.

These protect the body from calcareous toxins and keep the heart healthy. This anti-inflammatory food is known to facilitate the drainage from the liver by filtering out all the toxins. Asparagus keeps the skin healthy and also reduces the risks of having breast cancer.

Avocados5. Avocados

This is a wonder fruit that is packed with antioxidants. It lowers the levels of cholesterol and helps in dilating the blood vessels.

Basil6. Basil: the antioxidant of the liver.

Basil is rich in antibacterial properties. It is full of antioxidants which help in protection of the liver. It is good for digestion as well as detoxification.

Beetroot7. Beetroot: the blood purifier.

Beets consist of a mixture of phytochemicals and minerals which fight the infections and purify blood. They also cleanse the liver. They also help boost the body’s cellular intake of oxygen.

Blueberries8. Blueberries: to protect your DNA.

Blueberries consist of a natural aspirin which decrease the long lasting effects of tissue-damage due to inflammation. They also protect against any kind of DNA damage. Blueberries have antibiotics which block the creation of bacteria in urinary tract,

9. Brazil nuts: to flush out mercury from the body.

These tasty nut treats are full of selenium that flushes the mercury out of the body. Consumption of some brazil nuts every day is said to be inversely related to pancreatic cancer.

Broccoli10. Broccoli: to prevent cancer and allergies.

It has powerful nutritional value huge potential for detox. Broccoli contains some powerful anti-diabetic, anti-cancer as well as anti-microbial constituents known as sulforaphane which prevent cancers, osteoporosis as well as allergies.

11. Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts are more beneficial as compared to regular broccoli. These sprouts contain more sulfurophane. These can be added to salads.

Cabbage12. Cabbage: to expel the toxins out of the body.

This vegetable cleanses the liver, and aids in clearing the bowels. This also helps in expelling all the toxins. It also contains huge quantities of sulfur, essential for break down of chemicals and their removal from your body.

Cilantro13. Cilantro

Cilantro, popularly known as coriander or the Chinese parsley has an abundance of antioxidants. It mobilizes the mercury and other minerals out of the tissues.

Cinnamon14. Cinnamon: to avoid clogging of blood vessels due to blood clots.

Cinnamon has essential oils that are “anti-microbial” in nature. The cinnamon has the ability to reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi, along with Candida.

15. Turmeric: the best healer.

Turmeric has the healing abilities which heal all the internal wounds of the body. It also cures the body from infections.

Cranberries16. Cranberries: a tasty way to detox.

These popular berries prevent the infections of the urinary tract. The tasty cranberries have antibacterial properties that remove toxins from your body.

17. Flaxseeds: to eliminate the toxins.

Ground or whole flaxseeds are a good source of fibres which help in binding and flushing all the toxins out of the intestinal tract. They are also a good source of omega-3 oils. The flaxseed have fibers which facilitate in suppressing the appetite and support the loss of weight.

garlic18. Garlic: to boost the immune system.

Garlic consists of sulfur in very high quantities. This makes garlic a really good food for detox. It consists of many antibiotics which heal the entire body from all kinds of impurities and infections.

ginger19. Ginger: the spice that fights diseases.

The Ginger raises the level of metabolism and flushes all the waste out of the body. is thought to help liver function, and has many properties of the astringent.

Green Tea20. Green Tea: for full body purification.

Green tea is the most essential ingredient for a detox program. It has very high levels of antioxidants. It purifies the body and is said to significantly decrease the blood sugar levels and reduces the fat levels in the body.

Try adding most of these detox foods in your daily diet and see the change for yourself. The mind and body work in tandem with each other. A healthy body will keep the mind healthy and free from all kinds of worries and tensions. Consumption of these detox foods will surely make you feel the difference in your lifestyle.

Juicer Guide – buy juicer with confidence

Juicers are ideal for enabling you to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Juice that is freshly made in your own juicer not only tastes better but also contains more vitamins than the industrially produced juice that you find in the shops. The latter has gone through heat treatments and other processes that kill most of those lovely vitamins.

Juicing your fruits and vegetables also makes the goodness in them, the vitamins and minerals and fibre, more readily digestible. So your body can absorb that detoxing hit much more quickly than if you sat munching on fruit and veg for an hour. There are many different types of juicers available, and each of them have unique qualities that make them more suited to different recipes and lifestyles. This guide to choosing the right juicers for you will help you to make a wise decision. Then you can get ready to start making soups, smoothies, and other wonderful fresh juice based products within a few moments in the comfort of your home, whenever you fancy them.

Centrifugal juicers: cutting and slicing

Centrifugal juicers are so called because they are based around a flat cutting blade which whizzes round very quickly. These juicers also contain a strainer which removes the pulp to give you lovely clear juice to drink at the end. All that you need to do is to throw your desired fruits and veg into the juicer and the blade and the strainer will do the rest! These juicers tend to have an automatic system whereby pulp is removed into a collection bucket for you to compost or otherwise dispose of. Though they are super convenient, centrifugal juicers can be a little difficult to clean, so they are best used if you are willing to clean out the residual pulp from the strainer each time. These juicers are arguably the best for juicing hard fruits and vegetables as they are extremely robust and powerful pieces of kit. They are also among the fastest juicers around, so are perfect for when you want to whip up some delectable fruit juice for friends on a hot day at a moment's notice.

The masticating juicer: for chomping up delicate produce

If you want to make something involving smaller berries, herbs, or similar items (think wheatgrass, mint, and lemon juices, for instance!), then a centrifugal style machine just doesn't have the fine chopping power that you need. Cue the masticating juicer, which very literally 'chews' (or masticates) even the finest leaves that you put into it. These juicers are fantastic for precision juicing, and for creating exquisite combinations of dainty flavours. This type of juicing device crushes and squeezes the produce you put into it, rather than cutting and spinning it. It also pumps a minimum of air into the juice as it works. This makes it superb for when you want to have a little foam in your juice glass without the oxidation that comes from juicers like the centrifugal model. The centrifugal model pumps much more air into the juice, meaning that it can often oxidise quite quickly, causing a potentially huge loss of nutrients. Another great advantage of masticating juicers is the fact that they preserve enzymes in your juice, as well as keeping the colour of the fruits, leaves, and veg that you are juicing. These juicers are also sometimes known as 'cold juicers' because they keep the juice much colder than other models do. In all, these are the ideal juicers for when you want to create beautiful, artisan drinks with wonderful colours, flavours, and high levels of beneficial enzymes.

Savour those flavours with a slow juicer

As mentioned above, the centrifugal design gives you a great volume of juice very quickly: perfect for when you need a healthy and thirst quenching drink right now, or for when you are cooking a large meal and need to whip up some soup quickly and without fuss. But for many people, a slow juicer is best, as they want to really squeeze every ounce of flavour from the fruits, veg, and herbs that they are juicing. There are two options when it comes to slow juicers. First, there are the single gear, or 'auger', juicers. These juicers use a worm style gear to crush and blend juices, and the resulting juice will usually have the best nutritional content out of all of the models discussed here. You can get a one stage auger machine, which is slightly quicker, or a two stage model which provides you with much more delicately blended juice and hence takes a little longer. It is most convenient to choose slow juicers that are equipped with juicing screens, as these will sieve out any pulp. If you want a slower machine that will provide you with the precision of an auger but with a slightly higher juice yield, then make sure to choose the second slow juicing option: i.e. a dual gear model. One thing you need to remember with these slower juicers, however, is the fact that they do produce a different yields of juice. Though the masticating models always produce a greater yield of juice than centrifugal models, there can be an appreciable difference between single gear and dual gear masticators. An auger model will tend to produce a lower yield of juice than a dual gear. Dual gear machines are less adept at processing softer fruits and vegetables though, so those strawberry and lychee based blended drinks might best be crafted in a masticating machine!

Ready to buy a juicer? You sure are!

This short guide has provided you with the handy insider knowledge that you need to choose the best model of juicing machine for you. Have a think about the types of fruit, veg, and other products that you are most likely to put in your juicing device and choose accordingly. Get a masticator for delicate herbs, one of the slower juicers for great nutritional content, and a centrifugal device for long, quick, and satisfying drinks. Think about your lifestyle and who will be using the juicers you are contemplating buying, and this can help you with your decision, too. All of these juicers will provide you with excellent quality juice drinks, smoothies, cordials, soups, and so on. But thinking a little more about the details, and having some additional knowledge about the pros and cons of each model, will really help you to make the most out of the juices you make.